Through the Lens

Our new blog offers a glimpse inside the lives of others. Contributing writers share their thoughts, struggles and successes related to anxiety disorders. Please note that often only first names are used to respect confidentiality.

Living with Social Anxiety

Professional Writer Dan Stelter shares a personal glimpse inside his life and what it’s like living with social anxiety disorder. “…an anxious person could be in a group of 2-3 people they don’t know and feel as nervous as you would delivering a speech to the United States of America without having practiced it at all.”

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    Coping with Anxiety

    Holistic treatment approach winning favor over medications

    “We live in a world that feels increasingly out of control,” says Dr. Josephson, clinical assistant professor at Cornell University Medical School. “There is a sense that life is increasingly challenging and fraught with potholes. The tendency is to underestimate our abilities to meet the challenges of the future. And the result is you feel anxious. The good news is that people are getting better help than ever.” read more »

    Befriend Your Anxiety

    Join us on April 23 at 7 p.m. as April Hadley, MSW, shares her personal story of living with anxiety. After recognizing that her life felt out of control, Hadley discovered an important tool that changed the way she viewed her life and her anxiety. Presentation is free.