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How Crochet and Knitting Help the Brain

A local nurse and lifelong knitter shares how the art of crocheting can quiet the mind and mend the brain. continue reading »

5 Ways Exercise Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The warm weather can encourage all of us to step outdoors a little more. Writer Cindy Rollins shares with us that exercise isn’t just good for the body – it’s good for the mind too.
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Guest Post: 5 Ways Travel Can Help Overcome a Negative Mindset

Traveling can free the mind in ways you might not expect. “Approach your trip with a mission to discover yourself as much as you discover your destination,” encourages The Unstuck Team. continue reading »

What Does Your Anxiety Look Like?

Art Therapist Jessica Kimmel explains how art therapy helped her. “Art-making has made these thoughts feel less threatening and helped me talk about my experiences on my own terms. Seeing my anxiety objectively on paper, instead of feeling it in my body, also helps me find solutions to it.” continue reading »

Guest Post: Anxiety in Kids: How to Turn it Around and Protect Them For Life

Is anxiety striking your child or teen? The good news is that anxiety in kids is very treatable. Author and Psychologist Karen Young, founder of Hey Sigmund, offers 8 tips to help turn anxiety around. In addition, teen support groups can have great benefit as they help young adults realize they aren’t alone with their thoughts and feelings.

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Using Positive Experiences to Build Strength Over Anxiety

“Our anxious self steals our ideal self from right in front of us; heart racing, breath shortens: we suddenly feel a great loss of power over our own lives,” said Recreational Therapist Miranda Ward. “It is as if we have been captured by an invisible, emotional self.” In Using Positive Experiences to Build Strength Over Anxiety, Miranda shares that it doesn’t have to be like this. Finding a hobby/interest or task that puts you “in the zone” can have amazing power over anxiety. continue reading »

Guest Post: Taming the Beast, How to Manage Anxiety When You Travel

Writer and travel blogger Lizzie shares her struggle with anxiety. “Travel really helped me see the bigger picture,” she shares. “Anxiety makes your world really, really small and makes everything in it huge and significant. Travel blew open my world (which had become tiny, and let’s face it, self-centered) and made me feel insignificant. No really, this was a good thing.” Want to learn how to manage anxiety when you travel? Read Lizzie’s list of tools and techniques so you can enjoy your time away. continue reading »

A Gentle Tsunami

Have you ever felt like a tsunami was coming right for you? Shannon Elhart of Green Heart Mindfulness reminds us that each of us experience dark times in our life, it’s how we respond that makes the difference. Learn how you can shift your perspective by reading “A Gentle Tsunami” and then join her at the ARC on Wednesday, May 20 at 7 p.m. for her presentation on Empowering your Body, Mind and Spirit to Handle Anxiety in New Ways. continue reading »