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The Power of Equine Therapy

Learn how a local woman found healing from her obsessions and anxiety by working with horses. Her personal story can offer inspiration helping us realize that finding our passion can be life changing. continue reading »

Exploring Anxiety and Art

A local artist explores her own anxiety through art. “Art can take us through some of the more difficult parts of our journey, the parts that are not easy to talk about.” continue reading »

A Love Letter

The deep darkness of the night can often cloud our vision of the light. Alex artfully shares her words of wisdom that offers hope for each of us during the dark struggles of anxiety. continue reading »

A Letter to Self

With so many exciting changes ahead, and a lurking eating-disorder to take with it, Blog Writer and Editor Clare Rose Foster shares a letter she wrote to herself on the day she got engaged. continue reading »

Guest Post: 3 Things Panic Attacks Don’t Want You To Know

Do you suffer with panic? Writer James Gummer shares his personal experiences with this form of anxiety. “If we think of a panic attack as a villain who steals away pieces of our soul, these are the three techniques that he wouldn’t want us to know,” Gummer says. Learn how these three methods can help you too. continue reading »

My Story: Finding the Light

An ARC visitor shares her personal walk with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and how she found the strength to fight through the OCD. She has asked that this remains anonymous. “My hope is that my story can somehow be of help to you… I want to tell you that you are not alone, you are strong, and you can do this! It may seem too big at times, but be brave, seek help, be persistent and disciplined through therapy, and know that you can beat this!” continue reading »

Guest Post: Natural Born Worrier

Natural born worrier Helen Barbour shares what it’s like to live inside her obsessive mind. Perhaps you can relate to her illustrated examples. Need a place to share your obsessive thoughts? The ARC’s Anxiety Disorders Support Groups offer a safe and confidential place to meet others struggling with obsessive worry. continue reading »

A Decade of Reflections

“The quiet welcome…” Mary reads. “…there is room to breathe here.” These are just a few of the words so carefully composed by one of our long-time ARC supporters. Read two of the pieces she presented during our 10 year event on Nov. 4. continue reading »

The Butterfly and the Hound

Bethany shares how she learned about mindfulness by watching her puppy’s discoveries. “Anxiety doesn’t exist where mindfulness takes you.” continue reading »

Living with Social Anxiety

Professional Writer Dan Stelter shares a personal glimpse inside his life and what it’s like living with social anxiety disorder.
“…an anxious person could be in a group of 2-3 people they don’t know and feel as nervous as you would delivering a speech to the United States of America without having practiced it at all.” continue reading »

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