Finding Support

SUPPORT. We all need it in one form or another.

At the Center, we recognize the strength that comes from knowing you aren’t alone. If you’ve never joined us for a group you might like to know that we offer a comfortable, laid-back and confidential environment. There is no obligation to attend on a regular basis.

People come to the ARC from all walks of life. Some people come because they find strength in a group of people who share their struggles. Other people come just to listen – there’s no pressure to speak and we encourage you to bring friends or significant others.

“If I had NOT found the ARC I can truthfully say I probably would NOT be alive today. My anxiety level was severe and mixed with severe depression. I had lost HOPE – in myself and in the mental health professionals that were treating me. This was my last ditch effort. If the ARC never existed, I would not exist today either. The ARC gave me a second chance,” said Marcy, support group attendee.