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For My Friend-Who Asked

Sometimes we all need a reminder to keep on our path. Mary shares a beautiful poem she wrote for a close friend who needed such a reminder. It might be worth a share to someone you know. continue reading »

Guest Post: 3 Things Panic Attacks Don’t Want You To Know

Do you suffer with panic? Writer James Gummer shares his personal experiences with this form of anxiety. “If we think of a panic attack as a villain who steals away pieces of our soul, these are the three techniques that he wouldn’t want us to know,” Gummer says. Learn how these three methods can help you too. continue reading »

Guest Post: Anxiety in Kids: How to Turn it Around and Protect Them For Life

Is anxiety striking your child or teen? The good news is that anxiety in kids is very treatable. Author and Psychologist Karen Young, founder of Hey Sigmund, offers 8 tips to help turn anxiety around. In addition, teen support groups can have great benefit as they help young adults realize they aren’t alone with their thoughts and feelings.

For more information about the ARC’s teen group, email director@anxietyresourcecenter.org. continue reading »

Guest Post: Taming the Beast, How to Manage Anxiety When You Travel

Writer and travel blogger Lizzie shares her struggle with anxiety. “Travel really helped me see the bigger picture,” she shares. “Anxiety makes your world really, really small and makes everything in it huge and significant. Travel blew open my world (which had become tiny, and let’s face it, self-centered) and made me feel insignificant. No really, this was a good thing.” Want to learn how to manage anxiety when you travel? Read Lizzie’s list of tools and techniques so you can enjoy your time away. continue reading »

Anxiety and the Brain: 25 Routes to Safety

Ever had the feeling you just couldn’t do it? Dr. Kai Swigert explains why fear feels so real and offers “25 Routes to Safety.” continue reading »

Is Yoga for Me?

“What happens in the body when constant anxiety is felt? If the body isn’t exercised, tension in the muscles builds, breathing can become constricted and the mind has no rest from the whirling thoughts and feelings that feed the anxiety.” continue reading »