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Offering a Hand Despite OCD Fears

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can try to control our lives, but one man is fighting back. Read how Scott Shirey is challenging his OCD. continue reading »

Guest Post: A Hero’s Journey

Sometimes you just have to IMAGINE the possibilities. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can plague lives, but it’s also very treatable. Learn how one woman fought back. continue reading »

A Love Letter

The deep darkness of the night can often cloud our vision of the light. Alex artfully shares her words of wisdom that offers hope for each of us during the dark struggles of anxiety. continue reading »

Exiting the Maze: A Spiritual Answer to Psychological Chaos

Author Nathan Cole explains his OCD as being “chained in a mental prison that I could not escape.” He paints a picture of what so many feel when battling this disorder. Read about the darkness he experienced and how finding faith led him out. continue reading »

With the Blink of an Eye

Chris Mason is offering hope to others as he shares his personal stories of living with Tourette’s and OCD. He has published books on Tourette’s and is in the process of writing more books including one on OCD. Read what living with OCD and Tourette’s has been like for him in “With the Blink of an Eye” and consider sharing your story to be included in his newest book. Check our hope section for upcoming ARC presentations including one this fall on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. continue reading »

Guest Post: I Am Not “So OCD”: Creating a Stigma-Free School Environment

Ever hear someone say, “I’m so OCD?” A lot of people use the phrase, but few understand what OCD REALLY is. Alison Dotson shares how students can discuss in a school setting. continue reading »