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5 Ways Exercise Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The warm weather can encourage all of us to step outdoors a little more. Writer Cindy Rollins shares with us that exercise isn’t just good for the body – it’s good for the mind too.
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Make Friends With Your Anxiety

Most of us wouldn’t think of anxiety as a friend in our lives, but Author Alisa Abrasaldo says it actually can be. Abrasaldo offers a new way of looking at your worries.​ continue reading »

Guest Post: Back to School Anxiety

Is back-to-school anxiety lurking at your house? Writer Emily Bass offers some tips to help manage your children’s anxiety such as meeting basic needs, encouraging discussion, problem-solving, modeling confidence and planning ahead. continue reading »

Guest Post: 5 Ways Travel Can Help Overcome a Negative Mindset

Traveling can free the mind in ways you might not expect. “Approach your trip with a mission to discover yourself as much as you discover your destination,” encourages The Unstuck Team. continue reading »

Guest Post: Natural Born Worrier

Natural born worrier Helen Barbour shares what it’s like to live inside her obsessive mind. Perhaps you can relate to her illustrated examples. Need a place to share your obsessive thoughts? The ARC’s Anxiety Disorders Support Groups offer a safe and confidential place to meet others struggling with obsessive worry. continue reading »

Anxiety and the Brain: 25 Routes to Safety

Ever had the feeling you just couldn’t do it? Dr. Kai Swigert explains why fear feels so real and offers “25 Routes to Safety.” continue reading »

5 Steps to Worrying Less

“There really is no way to cure worrying, but we can learn to get better at recognizing it and gently guiding ourselves back,”says Elisha Goldstein. “If we are able to turn the volume down on worrying in our lives, what would be there instead? For many, it’s a sense of spaciousness, ease, and joy.” continue reading »